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  Echoing the Word April 2015  
  Vol. 14 No. 2, The Sacrament of Confirmation    
The Sacrament of Confirmation
In this feature article Gerard Kelly presents an overview of the theology of the sacrament of Confirmation. He focuses on the 1972 revised Rite of Confirmation and Confirmation's relationship to Baptism and Eucharist as sacraments of initiation.
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The Sacrament of Confirmation
Confirmation, part of the sacraments of initiation, ultimately celebrates the great paschal mystery central to our lives as Christians. Confirmation is often referred to as the sacrament without a theology, and is conferred at various ages depending on the diocese.
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Seeking the Sacrament of the Spirit in Scripture
Stuart Moran explores the insights Scripture can offer concerning the sacrament of Confirmation. He stresses two significant insights: The Holy Spirit gives us the faith to proclaim Jesus as Lord and address God using the intimate image of “Father”.
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Confirmation: Sacrament of Initiation
In Confirmation we celebrate the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit. Tony Densley explores the sacrament of Confirmation, its connection to Baptism and the mission of the Church.
The Rite of Confirmation
Denise Braddon, briefly looks at the rite of the sacrament of Confirmation giving practical advice for preparing candidates for the sacrament.
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What is Liturgy?
Denise Braddon, briefly responds to the question, what is liturgy. She outlines the purpose and role liturgy plays in the life of Catholic Christians.
 Social Justice
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Day by Day
Inspired by the Godspell musical song Day by Day, Peter Arndt poses the question – How do we see God more clearly, love God more dearly and follow God more closely? It is our solidarity with the vulnerable and openness to the Scriptures that strengthens our relationship with Jesus.
 For the Catechist
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Confirmation and Children with Developmental Disabilities
The Importance of the Whole Faith Community
In this article Michele Purcell draws our attention to children with developmental disabilities receiving the sacraments, particularly Confirmation and the issue of readiness. She reminds us that the whole faith community has a role to play in the sacraments of initiation.
Guided Meditation on Scripture:
The Coming of the Holy Spirit
Michele Purcell uses the Pentecost story from the Acts of the Apostles in a meditation process. The process invites students to listen to the story and reflect on the painting of Pentecost by El Greco.
 Religious Literacy
Religious Literacy icon
Our hearts can become hardened from time to time but the Holy Spirit can renew us and fill us with God’s gifts. Paige Bullen suggests a craft activity to help us pray for hearts open to the Holy Spirit.
Pentecost, the Holy Spirit and the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Early Years
Jan Grajczonek presents a process for introducing early years children to the Pentecost story and the sacrament of Confirmation. She focuses on the gift of the Holy Spirit and the symbol of fire.
  Featured Articles
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Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love
49th World Communication Day Message
Each year the Pope writes a message concerning issues of communication for World Communication Day. This year Pope Francis focuses on the family as the primary context children learn to communicate. It is in the family that children can learn to express themselves and listen effectively to others in order to strengthen relationships.
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  Reviews & Resources
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Children's Literature
Jan Grajczonek reviews Anzac Ted by Belinda Landsberry, Lucas and Jack by Ellie Royce and Andew McLean, and A Story of Love and War: Once a Shepherd by Glenda Millard and Phil lesnie.
  Liturgies & Activities
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Celebrating the Holy Spirit
God's Activity Within the World
In this experience Jennifer Callanan helps students notice, reflect on and celebrate God’s Spirit in the ordinary experiences of life.
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
In these activities Anne Victor focuses on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They assist students to reflect on and identify the times they have demonstrated these gifts in their life.
Living the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
People Past and Present
Beth Nolen has collected information about various people who demonstrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Children are encouraged to explore these people and reflect on what the gifts mean in their own lives.
Symbols in Confirmation:
Do They Have Any Meaning For Us Today?
Beth Nolen’s activity encourages children to investigate and reflect on the ritual actions of Confirmation: Anointing with Chrism and Laying on of Hands.
Where can you see God?
Anne Victor uses images and song to explore the relationship between Baptism and Confirmation, our belief in the Trinity and the presence of God.
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Exodus: Gods and Kings
Jan Epstein reviews the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. She looks at this movie’s relationship to the biblical text and the other classic movies that tell the story of Moses and the great exodus.


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