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  Echoing the Word 13-02-2014  
  Vol. 13 No.1, 2014 The Magnificat: Mary Rejoices    
Mary in Luke's Gospel
In this feature article Dr Sandra Carroll, lecturer at ACU, gives us a profile of Mary in Luke’s Gospel. Luke presents Mary as an authentic disciple, one who hears the Word of God and bears fruit.
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In the beautiful Magnificat, Mary reveals her faith in a God of justice who is definitely on the side of the poor and the powerless. Mary has much to teach us about authentic discipleship and holiness.
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 Reviews & Resources
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Children's Literature
Jan Grajczonek reviews Kissed by the Moon by Alison Lester, An Aussie Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Australian Kids by Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling, and The Promise: The Town That Never Forgets by Derek Guille.
Resources for Religious Education
Sharon Freeman reviews Hail Mary by Ermes Ronchi, Sacred Objects and Symbols by Kathy Horan and Aspects of the Heart by Joan Chittister.
 Social Justice
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Lazarus At Our Gate: A Critical Moment in the Fight Against World Poverty
Social Justice Statement 2013-2014
Peter Arndt offers some ideas for promoting the Australian Bishops Catholic Social Justice Statement in schools and parishes.
Mary, the Tender Revolutionary
Peter Arndt takes a look at the issue of human trafficking and ACRATH’s response to modern day slavery. He presents Mary as a model for promoting justice with her “revolutionary nature of love and tenderness.”
 For the Catechist
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Evangelisation - Marian Style
Pina Ford, reflects on the “Marian style” of evangelisation beginning with Pope Francis’ exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. Pina reminds us that, like Mary, we are each called to bring Christ into our world in our own way.
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Teaching Tips: Praying With Children Using Works of Art
Artwork can be a powerful tool in communicating the Word of God. Michele Purcell, uses artwork, a stain glass window, to prayerfully reflect on the Visitation and the Magnificat with students.
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Musical Musings for Teaching Mary
Peter Olley uses Marian hymns and songs to explore the Catholic Church’s beliefs about Mary. The process encourages students to understand that teachings come from both Scripture and Church Tradition.
 Religious Literacy
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Making a Mary Garden
Paige Bullen looks at the medieval tradition of the Mary garden. She offers suggestions for creating a Mary garden in the school environment to encourage prayerful listening.
Religious Literacy:
Inquiry Learning Through Concepts
Tosca Galluzzo explores the use of concepts to focus on topics in religious education in the early years. Inquiry learning through concepts emphasises process as well as product and leads to better understanding.
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The Magnificat: God Does Great Things
In Luke’s Gospel the Magnificat is one of four canticle interspersed in the infancy narrative, much like a musical. Stuart Moran reflects on the Magnificat, exploring what this canticle tells us about Mary and God.
Theology icon
Mary's Magnificat: A Call to Praise and Joy
Tony Densley reflects on Mary’s joy as expressed in the Magnificat. Her joy comes from her faith and awareness of the presence of God. We can identify with Mary and rejoice in the gifts God has given us.
  Liturgies & Activities
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Mary Said YES!
Anne Victor helps young students reflect on the various ways they can say yes to others and to God. Students then use photos and illustrations to explore what Mary’s life may have been like in first century Nazareth.
Mary, The Mother of Jesus
Anne Victor uses children’s experience of mothers to introduce Mary as the mother of Jesus. Mary is presented as a mother much the same as any mother, with feelings of delight, love and anxiety for her child’s safety.
Praising and Thanking God!
Jennifer Callanan encourages students to create their own song of praise and thanks modelled on the Magnificat. These prayers of praise and thanks are used to lead the class in prayer each day.
What Does Mary Teach us Through the Magnificat?
This activity, by Beth Nolen, explores the Magnificat. Students analyse the Scripture text and write their own prayer of praise. Students are also invited to compare the Magnificat with the canticle in 1 Samuel 2:1-10.
What Does the Bible Really Tell us About Mary?
Beth Nolen presents us with a process to help students explore Mary in the Scriptures, namely the Gospel of Luke. Students are asked to explore both the Scriptures and historical information about first century Palestine.
Movies icon
Mary, Mother of Jesus
Jan Epstein reviews the short movie Mary, Mother of Jesus. The movie tells the story of Mary. Hence we see the story of Jesus through the perspective of his mother. Mary is presented as strong, faithful and empathetic.
  Using Technology in R.E.
Using Technology in R.E. icon
All Aboard?
Curriculum Intention and the Use of Digital Tools in Religious Education
James Robinson, uses the metaphor of a train to reflect on technology in education. He emphasises the importance of curriculum and student learning over using digital tools. However, technology is an important tool for engaging students in the Religious Education classroom.
  Student Voices
Student Voices icon
I am Created by God
Year 3 Display
Year 3 at St Mary’s Erskineville share their wall display, prayers and images from their work in Religious Education.
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