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  Echoing the Word September 2014  
  Vol. 13 No. 4, 2014 Be Still: Praying in the Classroom    
Born Contemplative:
Christianity has a rich and deep tradition of prayer. In this feature article Ruth Fowler, explores the practice of Christian Meditation as a way of praying. She looks at the benefits of meditating with students, drawing from both her own experience as well as that of the Townsville diocese. Children are innately spiritual and Christian meditation helps educators nurture this quality of the human person.
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Be Still: Praying in the Classroom
Prayer is a central component in Religious Education and catechesis, of fundamental importance if we are to encourage students to know Jesus and be open to a personal encounter with him. Prayer can be described in many ways: being with God, an encounter with the mystery, listening with the heart; St Teresa sees prayer as a close sharing between friends.
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Teaching Prayer from the Scriptures
Challenging Some Misconceptions
Stuart Moran looks at Jesus’ practice of praying and the Scriptures in general to correct four common misconceptions about prayer.
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Praying With Children
Tony Densley looks at some of the challenges teachers and catechists might face in building a culture of reflection and prayer among young people today.
 Liturgies & Activities
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Benedictine Spirituality and Godly Play
Tosca Galluzzo looks at storytelling as a form of Lectio Divina. She presents the good shepherd story using the Godly Play approach, outlining each movement: Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio and Contemplatio.
Guided Meditation: The Potter
Beth Nolen presents a guided meditation on Jeremiah’s image of God as potter. This meditation is ideal for times students are exploring images of God and as a reminder of God’s unconditional love for each one of us.
Leading Prayer in the Classroom
Jennifer Callanan explains a process for prayer which will help teachers organise and lead prayer with their students. She also refers to prayer resources in previous issues.
Meditation Using Images
Tosca Galluzzo looks at meditation using images. She presents 2 different meditation exercises using images to help children reflect on the presence of God in all things.
Praying the Gospel:
A Guide to Using Ignatian Contemplation with Students
Beth Nolen outlines a process for meditation in the Ignatian tradition using five easy steps. This guide can be used in a whole class setting, in small groups and by individual students.
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Jan Epstein reviews the movie Frozen, the animated movie about two princesses and their journey to love.
  Featured Articles
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Teaching Christian Meditation in a Primary School
In this feature article Marilyn Jones, with Mirella Pace, explores Christian meditation in the classroom. She writes from her experience of meditating with her own classes and implementing it into the whole school program. This is an easy guide for those who would like to meditate with students but are unsure how to begin.
  Reviews & Resources
Reviews & Resources icon
Children's Literature
Jan Grajczonek reviews What Happens Next by Tull Suwannakit, The Light by Jo Oliver, and The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild and Ritva Voutila.
Resources for Religious Education
Sharon Freeman reviews My Prayers to God with Love and Joy by Bruno Forte (ed.), Prayers I Pray by Margaret Commins and The Mary MacKillop Prayerbook for Children.
  Social Justice
Social Justice icon
A Crown for Australia: Striving for the Best in Our Sporting Nation
Social Justice Statement 2014-2015
Peter Arndt sets out a few ideas for promoting awareness and action based on this year’s Australian Catholic Bishops’ social justice statement.
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Seeing the Lord, Seeing Others
Prayer is the heart of any Christian work or ministry. Peter Arndt looks at the importance of prayer in the work of justice and peace. Prayer shapes the actions of a community and helps its members become community with the poor and disadvantaged of our society.
  For the Catechist
For the Catechist icon
Prayer: What God Does in Us
Pina Ford, reflects on the importance of prayer in catechesis. Prayer is the activity of God and helps us see the world as God sees it. She uses the movie Bruce Almighty as an example of how God transforms us.
Teaching Tips: Meditation in the Classroom
Carmel Suart and Stephen Harris offer two ways of meditating with students. One is a guided meditation based on Luke’s account of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance, the other is a Lectio Divina process.
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Praying With Music
Peter Olley outlines four ideas for prayer with music. He uses both traditional Celtic music and more contemporary songs that might reflect Christian values.
  Religious Literacy
Religious Literacy icon
Praying with Parents - Dadirri
Using the writing of Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann on dadirri, Paige Bullen has created a reflection on the importance of listening in prayer, which can be used with parents and staff.


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