Would You Like to Submit a Project?   

                   We'd love to hear from you! If you have worked on a really great religion project and you'd like to show it to other kids around the world, then send your details and your work in to us and we will put your project on the Web in our "Project Gallery".
Send your project to kidscorner@echoingtheword.com and we'll let you know when we put it online!

Start sending!!

Ideas for projects you might like to send in…
1) Way of the Cross poster series (scan A4 pages and email them to us)
2) PowerPoint Presentation of a religion class topic (send us the file)
3) Poster of a religion class project (take a photo with a digital camera and send us the picture)

If you don't have access to scanners and digital cameras, you can send your work to us by post and we will prepare it for the Web.